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What I take away from this exchange so far is that a tulpa is voluntary schizophrenia that uses up the "idle clock time" when you're not doing much of anything.

Damn.  Wrote a long post but got logged out so lost it.

Frankly, I'm with Fiji.  We're talking about MPD that is deliberately contrived by an individual.  With, frankly, little or no point.

If the "tulpa" really DOES become real, and really has its own thoughts and feelings, then you are laying up a whole load of trouble.  It will want to watch TV while you read a book, want to go surfing while you lie on the beach.  You are going to get severe amounts of mental conflict....it the tulpa really IS real.

The fact that most people don't experience this says to me that the tulpa is no more than an embellished fantasy friend, something not TRULY real as an independant entity, but something that is in reality subservient to your own desires.  In which case, call it what it is - an imaginary friend.

But either way, I regard it as a dangerous thing to try with no benefit.  Either the tulpa is nothing more than reflections and echoes of your own mind (in which case it serves no purpose than "arguing with oneself") - or you manage to create a second personality within your mind.  And frankly, having exeperience with sufferers of MPD, that's NOT a place you want to go.
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