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.....I do not see the cosmic consciousness as having anything to do with God or religion in other than it may have been what the shaman found and wrongly gave it attributes that it does not have. That or it is a lot more than what I saw/felt. I did get an impression, just an impression, that it was pondering or seeking further information on God but that it was not a huge priority or the main focus of it's thoughts. It definitely did not believe in the supernatural as it confirmed my paradigm and it does not contain anything supernatural.

I had no time to count them. The impression was of many.....How much do you think you will glean in about 6 seconds?

Amazing how definite GIA can be on some question, when on others he prefers the "it was all so quick I have no idea" response.  But it's not woo.  We know its not woo as GIA has told us it isn't woo.  The cosmic consciousness isn't woo either, the cosmic consciousness doesn't even believe in woo.
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