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If you are only made up of matter/energy, why do you trust your senses as generally accurate (if you do)?

I think my response would normally be: "as opposed to.....?"

Whatever reality actually is, sensory input appears to be the only way we can experience and acqure knowledge of it.  In the absence of another method of acquiring that knowledge, I will go with sensory input, which has so far presented a consistent picture of what I perceive to be reality.

Bottom line though, I don't care that much.  "Reality" could be anything - but I know that if I treat perceived reality as being correct, I can minimise pain and maximise happiness.  Does it REALLY hurt when an apparent hammer falls on my apparent foot?  Who knows?  What I DO know is that it apparently causes me significant pain....so I act as if what apparently happened is reality, and endeavour not to do it again.
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