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When I hear a claim that something is untrue about the bible, I tend to take the time to research what the problem is and decide if the claims are valid. So far, at worst, the bible appears unverifiable in parts or ambiguous in others, but nothing absolutely wrong or contradictory.....

"You're wrong, and I can prove it"

By the way, don't ask me about specifics, the bible is a big book and there are plenty of other forums and people to ask about such things.

"But I ain't gonna, nyah nyah"

Just to keep the subject focussed, I have reproduced my original response above.

Was it derisory?  Yes indeedy.  Having seen dozens of believers pop up here with their evasions and dodges, these days I have a low tolerance for those who appear to announce their intention to avoid questions in advance.

CC, your post gave me the impression that you had done a lot of research into the apparent contradictions in the Bible, and that you had found explanations for everything.  Fantastic!  Always ready to hear a fresh perspective on such things.

But then you appeared to say that you had no intention of sharing any of your answers with us, that you would ignore any questions about particular contradictions that we might have.

Those two points brought the image to mind of the infant who taunts his friends with "I know something you don't know" - hence my response.

What I've not seen in the couple pages since is anything that has made me change my opinion.  You've spent several responses noting your upset about the way you are being treated, but I don't recall seeing you address a single one of the contradictions that were offered.  So I'm finding it hard to see where my initial characterisation (rude though it may have been) was wrong.  Especially ironic in a thread titled "it is funny that theists will never answer me".

Let's cut to the chase though - will you/are you prepared to share your thoughts on individual sexctions in the bible that one or more of us may view as contradictions?
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