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Then the issue is not that Christians refuse to answer a direct question with a simple, direct answer; the issue is for those asking a question where they already know they won't accept the most simple, direct answer as true.

Hmmm.  I'd appreciate being told if I'm misrepresenting myself here......

When I get answers, the issue is not necessarily whether I believe the answer is true - it is whether I believe the answer to be coherent, and/or supported.

For example: "What colour is your car?" "My car is red".  Direct answer.  I may not believe it is a true answer, but it was a direct answer.  I have the information on what colour the believer says his car is, and although I may not believe it, at least I have clear information.  Sadly, I am far more often involved in conversations that - to me - seem to go like this.....

"What colour is your car?"  "Cars are beloved by god."  "Yes, but what colour is your car?"  "I once had a bicycle"  "Yes, but what colour is your car?"  "My car could be said to be red".  "Sorry, what does that mean?" "Many Christians have cars".    "Yes, but what colour is your car?"    "My car is normally red"    "What do you mean, normally?" "Cars help you travel around"     "Yes, but what colour is your car? What did you mean by normally?" "My car is often blue".  "Wait - you said normally red and now often blue.  I don't understand.  Please tell me what colour your car is"........and so on, ad nauseam.

It is very rare I experience the first conversation.  Far more often, I experience the latter.
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