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If there was a truly good and godly god, it would be clear.  No nagging doubts, no endless arguments.  It would be clear and obvious to all.  The fact that it isn't may not necessarily mean there isn't a god out there.  But it sure makes it clear that there is something seriously wrong with the picture.

You hit the nail on the head.
1. God walked with Adam in the Garden.
2. Adam was removed from the Garden and the gateway was set with guards.
3. You were born outside of the garden where God walked.

You were born into a world where God does not walk.  Setting up a communication
channel is hard work, mentally speaking.  This fits your observations to a tee.

Unfortunately, none of that gels with a god who - we are told - (a) loves us, and (b) desperately wants a relationship with him.  Anyone I want a relationship with, I will not kick out of my house and set guards on the door for starters. 

But more importantly - and I hate to break this to you - but I am talking about a GOD.  Not someone with a couple superpowers and a nifty hat, but a GOD.  A being who is above all the petty laws of existence, a being for whom reality conforms to his wishes.  Such a being would be so clear, so obvious, that there would be no argument.  Such being could - if it chose - be in constant communication, simultaneously, with every being in its creation.
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