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I think you need to be more clear about your position regarding the serpent and satan.  On the one hand you said satan =/= serpent.  You said the snake was influenced by satan.  Now you're saying it was his voice.  Come on, man.  Why do I have to drag the information out of you?  If you are here to discuss, discuss.  Don't give us your position in tiny bits an pieces and make people guess.  Give us a fully formed idea.

What he is practicing here is a very common Christian Apologetics tactic - avoid putting out any clear concise theological statements of belief (stay vague regarding a particular subject) so as to avoid refutation. I used to use this scheme all the time. When you don't tell the whole story of what you believe (because maybe you don't know what you believe exactly, or you know it sounds asinine and that it won't be accepted) it saves you from being shown to be in error and allows you time to call up your other apologetics buddies to ask how they would answer it (i.e. - how they would rationalize/SPIN it to make it sound OK so you can keep believing).

Many people wear different masks depending on who they are with.  Particularly pronounced when in your teens, when the face you wear to your friends is dramatically different to the face you wear to your parents.  You are something totally different to different people.  It tends to get less pronounced as you get older, but still you are likely to be one person with your college buddies, another person at work, another person at the golf club. 

The problem, of course, comes when you are with two groups at once.  The teen trying to stay cool in front of his mates when his parents are around.  The stress of a party when the workmates who know "dependable Joe" meet the college buddies who know "Joe the Freak", and the brain ache you have when you try not to alienate either group.

Sky, I think, is having a similar problem.  He has one way of looking at things in one situation, and another way in another situation.  The problem he is having is that we - naughty us! - keep trying to bring the two situations together, and showing him how his two answers do not fit together.  I suspect that is another reason why he dodges - the fear of finding out that his many answers only appear to be a complete whole so long as you only look at one facet at a time.  Try to see the whole picture, and the illusion crumbles.
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