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The slavery in the Bible was a part of culture they had to deal with.....

Where did that culture come from, Sky?  Given that everyone was a descendant of Adam and Noah, and that Yahweh was fully prepared to issue commandments about all kinds of trivia, how did that culture originate?  Specifically, within the culture of the followers of Yahweh (for who the rules on slavery were written).

What prevented Yahweh from making one of his commandments "thou shalt not keep slaves", as opposed to the (rather pointless) "have no other gods but me" - especially if there ARE no other gods.  Heck, he tells people not to wear poly-cotton blends.....but NOT to not keep slaves.

That is the very specific question that you are dancing away from.  Why did Yahweh allow a culture of slavery among his chosen people, if he did not approve of it, given the multiple commands he made about comparatively trivial issues?
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