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So does God love those folks who are in hell?

Its superficially easy for him to say he does.  And as Skywriting says, you can love your children even when they are making what you believe are poor choices.

But that get-out does not apply when the person claiming to do the loving is responsible for all things that were created.  Did man literally create hell?  Of course not - man does not have that power.  Any hell that exists was created, designed, stocked and staffed by Yahweh, nobody else.

So while - through misunderstanding, or ignorance - people may have ended UP there, what happens to them there is entirely down to Yahweh.  To use the parallel of the car, it would be like saying:

"My kid chose one day to live in his car.  I thought that was a bad choice, so I filled the car with excrement and hammered long spikes into it.  I then made sure that he could never get out, no matter how much he begged and pleaded.  Because he made a poor choice at one point, I am making sure that his choice is as painful and terrifying and horrific as I can possibly make it - while ensuring that there is no possibility for him to change his mind.  But you know, I still love him."

So no.  Does Yahweh love those folks in hell?  No way.  If there is any situation where person A is responsible for the poor conditions that person B is living in, while person A will not allow person B to ever leave, then there is no way that person A loves person B.  "Hate" would be the appropriate word there.
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