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Drowning is painless.  Living is way more painful than drowning, any day of the week.

Sky, should drowning be considered in any way mitigation in a murder case, on the grounds that it is painless?

Or might the jury feel that the fear and the terro experienced going through the process would make it just as horrible a way to be murdered than by slicing their head off?  Indeed, might not drowning be considered MORE horrific a way to be murdered than beheading (especially if that beheading were done from behind without warning), because of the 2 minutes it would take before you lost consciousness?   What about the last few hours clinging to a piece of driftwood knowing that help would never come, watching your children, your parents, slipping beneath the waves? 

Point being: Yahweh could have just stopped all the bad guys hearts, simultaneously.  Or just made it so they went to sleep one night and just never woke up.  There are MANY ways he could have murdered them without any pain, and with a lot less fuss and bother.

But he didn't.  He chose a way that would cause maximum fear and despair in each and every one of them.  Imagine the fear the toddlers would have felt, as the rains kept coming and coming and mummy and daddy are running and screaming and the waters close over you and you start to choke but mummy saves you and you hold the wood but mummy closes her eyes and she goes under the water and you cry and cry for mummy and then the water gets in you and you choke and you can't breathe CAN'T BREATHE CAN'T BREATHE......

Tell me again how loving your god is.  Read that paragraph again, and try to justify what your god CHOSE to do to that child.
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