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But I do point out that God has an unusual control over water and it's properties. 
Saying, material in the scriptures in one place, supports the scriptures in other places.
And the stories also confirm themselves.  Like people who complain about rough seas,
I point out that no rough seas are mentioned.  People who complain about room for every
known species, I point out that "every known species" is a modern construct. Also not
in the story.  About animals eating each other, I point out that GOD brought them to the Ark.
He showed that much influence, he could have them not eat each other.  That's not a stretch.

I could grant all that.  Let's face it, a being with total control could have ensured that the flood waters simply rose to a height of 6" above the head of every human - so there would be no "flat top" to the flood, just a surface with umpteen bumps and hillocks that moved around as the humans ran around trying to reach the water-free area always just out of their reach.  And equally a super-powerful god could keep the animals from eating each other, and create food for them each day on the ark.  And alter the shape of the earth and the continents before, during, and after.

But the question that is begged by allowing all those magical intercessions, is why?  What a ridiculously convoluted plan to devise, implement, and clear up after!  Reminiscenr of Dr.Evil at his little-finger curling best!  It makes the forty days of rain quite irrelevant - if the water would be coming in a sort of cylinder around each human, then just a couple days would do it.  Heck, why even make the rain land?  Just make the rain fall and "stick" in a bubble around people's heads?  Same end result, much less clear-up required.

I liked the picture of the Red Sea, BTW.  DOES make me wonder why an Ark was even necessary - easier by far to simply hold back the waters around Noah's compound and save the building and stocking and whatnot.  Equally, no need to gather animals - just keep a similar "zone of dryness" around them all.  Equally, why not teleport the animals onto the Ark?  Why not "poof" the Ark into being?  Why not transport them all 40 days into the future, or give them the power of flight for a month or two, or.......anything really.

Point being, once the explanation starts to ignore everything we know about math, and climate, and fluid dynamics et al, and becomes "god is magic!".....then the whole story just becomes somewhat contrived and pointless. 
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