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For what it's worth, my position is this....

I am generally agnostic to gods.  I cannot definitely state "there are none" because it is possible that some hitherto unexamined god may exist in some way I have not yet considered.

I am however atheist to all the gods that I have considered and examined.  Once claims stat being made about gods, I take a look at those claims and - so far - have found all of them wanting.  So I am atheist towards specific gods.

And while I am philosophically agnostic in general, I am atheist to all gods in practice.  This is partly as a natural follow-on from having looked at a number of proffered gods and found nothing that supports them (after several dozen "cry wolfs", you feel less inclined to look charitably on the next cry); partly because I have a feeling that after so MUCH fruitless investigation, I'd have seen SOMETHING by now; and partly because - in purely practical terms - one HAS to operate in a particular way.  Example - I may be intellectually agnostic to the fairies in my garden, but in practice I am an atheist as I do not ever leave milk out for them "just in case".
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