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Nope.  If someone TRULY believed that god was seeing everything they did, sin would simply be impossible for them.

But why do: 
People occasionally speed past a police car on purpose.
They drink and drive, knowing the consequences.
They know the speed limit is 65, yet they go 66.
They know killing is wrong.....not for God, but for THEM....yet they do it anyway.
Everything points to a state where we know better, but break even our own rules anyway.

Nogods, Dumpster, and Add have picked up most of the points I want to say about this.  So I'll just ask the direct question.

Sky, when YOU last sinned, how did it happen?  Had you "forgotten" your god existed and was omnipresent?  Or were you hoping that maybe he was distracted and would somehow miss seeing you sin?

Genuinely curious, because from what you've said above, genuine total believers like yourself know exactly what your god wants from you, but sometimes you deliberately disobey.  How does that work for you?
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