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Heaven is not exactly paradise as you imply.  Part of the forgiving process is having all your sins exposed.    Imagine every single thought you've had,  written down and your mother gets to read it as you watch.    Closer to that.

This is exactly why I contend there is nobody (or very, very few people) who REALLY believe.

This god chappie, apparently, knows EVERYTHING.  There's no hiding, no chance of "getting one past him".  EVERYTHING.  He is everywhere, sees everything, knows everything.  He is the equivalent of a policeman constantly looking over your left shoulder, and your mother constantly looking over your right.

But if that is truly the case.....how does a believer ever actually sin in the first place?  By thought, maybe, sometimes you can't help it, but in deed?  Nope.  If someone TRULY believed that god was seeing everything they did, sin would simply be impossible for them.

The only other thing I can conclude if a "believer" does something bad is if, for those few seconds, they somehow "forgot" that god exists.  And that, I find even harder to buy into.  This "god" is - we are told - the most magical and wonderful and fantastic thing ever to some into their lives, so they say.  A fulfilling and constant relationship that buoys and helps them.  So how do you "forget" that and go off and sin?

Nope.  Makes no sense whatsoever.  Anyone who TRULY believes in a god would not sin.  Ever.  Which means that we will NEVER see a True Christian on this website, given the clear exhortation to shake the dust from their feet and head straight away from people like us.

If you're still here and reading this, Sky.....why do you deliberately defy your god?  Why do you constantly sin by coming back here?  Or, if you like, why don't you truly believe he exists?
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