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Second, while I have sometimes mistakenly answered when another person was calling for someone else (some names like Randy and Andy sound alike), I have never forgotten my own name and answered to another name because I couldn’t remember my own.  Do you honestly think that if God exists he doesn’t even know his own name?  Imagine that a Muslim comes over to my house, and after we have a long discussion and find out that we disagree on practically everything except that there is an ‘uncaused cause’ he says to me, “you called out to Christ and had a religious experience so maybe Allah decided to answer you even though you prayed in Jesus’ name; therefore , I see no need to attempt to change any of your beliefs or behavior”.  Does this sound like something a devoted Muslim would say? If you have read the Qur’an, does it sound like something Allah would do?

Trouble is, if you follow that line of thinking, you must argue that NO Muslim has EVER had any religious experiences.  Ever.

If there was a god that only answers when addressed correctly, we should see a huge statistical clustering around that god's religion.  No other religion - even other subsets within that religion - would ever have experienced any contact with god at all.

But they claim they do.  So either they are all lying, or it is entirely possible that a person can have what feels like a religious experience without any god being involved at all.  (Actually that IS possible - Derren Brown showed quite conclusively that a religious experience could be instilled in only a quarter hour or so). 

And if you've conceded that a religious experience IS possible without god, then by what token can you be 100% positive that the experience you had was real?
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