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Yes, it is quite confusing.   
Our Father in Heaven set up this following chain of events in my "Time-line"

Very confusing, indeed. Why would god have you pray if all the events were in place to happen as planned regardless of whether you prayed or not?

Again.  God's highest priority is a relationship, conversation, fellowship with His children.
I don't know if you have children, or have been around parents, but the human experience is much the same.  You don't give your kids all the candy they ask for, the rides they want to go on, or all your money.  You decide what is best for their long term. 

"Material stuff" or doing what they want is NOT a top priority.  Your relationship / time is the top priority. God did those things as part of our conversation.


Then you need to address why it is that - for the many people here who have tried extremely hard to have this conversation/relationship with your god, that he has not responded.

And I don't know if YOU'VE ever been a parent - but when your children ask you for something that you do not want to give them, you explain to them clearly and distinctly why it is that you are doing (or not doing) what they asked for.

Nor do you engineer situations of "desperate need" for them.  I fear for any children you may have, as I worry that you will deliberately put them in harm's way only so that you can jump in and save them.  That's not being a parent: that's being a dangerous and emotionally needy jerk-off.  "Superhero Syndrome", I believe its called, where people have so great a need to be valued and loved that they engineer disasters so that they can rescue people from the situations they themselves create.  From what you've been saying here, that is exactly what your god does.
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