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.....After reading various rationalizations, it seems that you clearly forgot one. Most of your miraculous answered prayers for cancer and rabies and tumors share a commonality that amputees do not...death. Cancer and rabies and tumors kill people, amputations can be lived with......

That bit there in bold.....there's the crucial part.

Your rebuttal is, in essence "god answers prayers when people would otherwise die, and will answer SOME prayers where the person will not".   Not the worst response that ever comes, but one that still misses the point - and raises some vital questions of its own.

Firstly, it relies on god answering ALL prayers that would otherwise cause death.  Only a moment's thought should reveal that as a fallacy.  You're a nurse, so chances are you will see impending death quite a few times.  Has god always answered your prayers to save the person concerned?

And it also misses the crucial point in the question.  This question does not ask "does god answer death/non-death" - it asks "does god answer all prayers with the same degree of approval?"  In other words, does he answer 20% of prayers for cancer, AND 20% of prayers to re-grow limbs.

The answer, of course, is no.  Christians who claim prayer works are claiming a non-zero approval rating of prayers from god, both terminal and otherwise.  But the percentage of healed amputees remains at a steadfast 0%.  So we are left with just two possibilities.

That there IS no god, and all the "answered prayers" are the result of conicidence.

Or that there IS a god, who DOES answer prayers....but who has never, ever, ever answered a prayer by or for an amputee.  The Christian who claims ANY answered prayers needs to answer this question.
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