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Why would anyone sit their kids down and try to convince them that their normal everyday life is not really normal?
I would say "explain how it differs from majority", not "convince that it is not normal", and I meant not the whole everyday life, but a particular aspect of it. Because other people will eventually persuade of it anyway, and it will hurt. *Maybe* this is what this man was talking about.

If that's the case, then it STILL means that the trauma he experienced was down to the predjudices and attitudes of others...people perhaps like yourself? 

From the little you've posted, it seemed that his experience was "growing up with lesbian parents=good experiences.  Interacting with society=bad experiences".  And you take from that that it was his parents that were most at fault?  I just can't get my head round that.

If a parent doesn't prepare their child for all the bad things in the world, and those bad things then happen, then I'm sure the parents would blame themselves.  But I'm equally sure that most people, while perhaps wondering whether the parents had done as good a job as they could have, would squarely put the "blame" for the bad things on the people that did them.

The fact that you don't, and that you believe the fault is entirely or even mainly with the parents, speaks volumes to me.
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