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Conspiracy theories always amaze me.  They all tend to rely on the assumption that there are Government Departments with large staffs, every single one of whom are the pinnacle of efficiency, discretion, and evilness. 

Now while I admit that the third may apply  :P, has anyone worked for ANY organisation, EVER, where EVERY employee is ruthlessly efficient, driven and determined, AND scrupulously loyal to the organisation?  What are the odds that only EVIL organisations are the ones that attract all the best people?

Consider also that "evil" people are generally those who are out for their own interests over that of the community as a whole.  Which seems to make it far LESS likely they will work for an organisation that places highest value on following the dictates of the hidden and nefarious few at the top.

And how do you get IN to one of these organisations, anyway?  Do you start at the DVLA, and (once demonstrating your disregard for humanity) get recruited into the conspiracy?  Or do they recruit directly from the demonstrably evil and anti-social, who are of course the most stable and reliable of workers?

Not saying that big government don't do bad stuff.  But living in a country where Government workers regularly leave confidential folders on the train, I find it VERY hard to believe that nobody has ever come across the file full of memos about the "chemtrail project" or whatever.
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