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^ Well, it sure is better than eternal torture :P

There's your answer.

Oh, well that makes it all perfectly acceptable then.  So if I rape someone, but in my defence point out that "at least I didn't kill them", I should be let off - is that your point?

I'd thought that just maybe you were prepared to actually put a little thought into the discussion, but from this 1st-grade answer it seems not.  I'm not sure if that's because you just can't be bothered, or because the magnitude of the question I was asking you to contemplate was just too much for you. 

Like I said, I understand completely why you don't want to think about it.  We see a lot of that attitude from believers - it shares a lot of characteristics with people in abusive relationships, who stress that despite the number of beatings they get from the guy, he is a real nice guy, honest, because sometimes he can be really nice and buys them flowers.

That's really the only answer you have?  That because your god only tortures people for a couple days, we should love him because he COULD have tortured us for a lot longer if he'd wanted to?

Explain again this "god of love" business?
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