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Sorry, but there is way too much evidence there is a Creator. 

Can you tell me what you think the best piece of evidence is?  Perhaps more importantly, what makes that piece of evidence, evidence for the god of the Bible as opposed to any other god?

The Earth is too intricate to not have a Creator, not to mention the Universe.  There is no way life "evolved" and became increasingly complex to the levels it is today.  No more than the bldgs in our major cities just rose without having creators.

Unfortunately, that doesn't answer either of my questions.  Saying "there is no way life evolved" is not an answer - which particular part of evolutionary theory have you examined and found to be incorrect?
You also did not answer why - even if there HAD been a creator - it automatically makes your god the one true god.  Unless...

That "book" (Genesis) is too well written to be a fable or an elaborate work of fiction.

Too well written?  Detailing a god who offer animals as a helpmeet and bosom companion before deciding to create a female?  That skips over all of the "how"?  That is cobled together from at least two sets of writings, that describe different polytheistic gods?  That draws heavily from earlier Mesopatamian mythology?  Does Pink's book cover all of these questions, or does it rather prefer to ignore them and instead try to show how the second-hand fables it contains MUST be true? 

The answer, of course, is that it does none of that.  It is a book designed for the believer, for sunday sermons.  It says nothing about the origins of the Bible, and instead starts from the assumption that it is true, and simply muses on the story it has to tell.  So I'm sorry, but it hardly does a credible job of supporting your particular chosen creation myth.
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