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Junebug, I'm really sorry to hear about the horrible things that happened through your life.

I was molested by a member at the tender age of 7/8 years old.
I was also a victim of sex abuse by my mothers new boyfriend.
my brother molested my little boy when He was a toddler

But your god loves all those people:

Unlike the xians doctrine God does love us no matter what we do.  Whether we are gay, black, whores, or whore mongers the love is there.Whether your atheist, pentacostal, baptist, buddhist, pagean, it just don't matter,

Indeed, if one accepts the parable of the prodigal son, then your god loves all those people MORE than he loves you.  How do you feel about that?

That was screwtape's point - that a god that loves everyone unconditionally is deeply disturbing.  It means exactly what I've said here - that he loves the guys who raped you when you were a child just as much as he loves their victim. 
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