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Why don't you try this: strip away any commentary of what I think God meant by the earthquake incident, and tell me what the incident would have meant to you if it had happened to you.

Okey-dokey: I'm now ready to tell "Anfauglir's Story" of the '87 quake, and what it means to me.

Quote from: Anfauglir
One morning at Paul's Coffee shop as I was staring into my eggs, in my mind I envisaged an event from a fixed perspective.  I couldn't recognise any specific people.  I could hear shouts and noise, but somewhat muffled, nothing distinct.  People were running, screaming, laughing…clearly something was going on in this vision.  There was no sensation of shaking and nothing to indicate why the commotion was happening - there was no apparent damage to the diner, nothing was falling off walls or from the ceiling.  I was still aware of my eggs as this scene played out in my mind - it felt very much like a dream, comparable to a daydream or a memory.

When I snapped back to reality, everything was fine.  I entirely dismissed the vision I had had.

Two days later I returned to the same restaurant, sat in same counter stool and then an earthquake happened - two shocks with a second or so interval in between, lasting in total about five seconds.  I felt entirely in control of my actions during the earthquake.  There was nobody I recognised from the vision, and there were significant differences - I was not restricted to a specific perspective, there were people there in reality that I could not recall from the "vision", I was talking in reality and not in the vision, and I experienced shocks in reality that were not present in the vision. 

It was therefore most deifinitely NOT the case - as some might report - that the reality was "Exactly like the vision".

So what do I think about it?

The vision, as it happened, could have had any "cause" as to the commotion.  Earthquake would indeed be a possibility - but so would (for example) a gunman in the restaurant, a large explosion from outside, a vehicle crashing outside…..any number of possibilities could have caused the commotion in the vision.  With the fixed viewpoint, I could not see what was happening in the retaurant behind me - and with no sensation of shaking in the vision, I didn't immediately think "whoah - earthquake vision!"

But it was interesting - was it a coincidence coupled with some wishful thinking and embellishment, or was it something more?  So I did some research. 

There were three major earthquakes felt in California in 1987, eight in the decade before, and 25 since then (so one major earthquake each year): that's quakes of magnitude 5 or over, it doesn't include the thouands each year that register below that but which are still capable of being felt.  So there was nothing at all unusual in my experiencing an earthquake in that locale.

As I mentioned above, there was nothing in the vision to indicate it was an earthquake as opposed to any other cause.  Certainly there was nothing in the vision that overly troubled me or made me consider it as a vision - if I HAD been troubled, you can be sure there would be no way I would return to the same diner just a couple of days later!  If I thought something was due to happen there, I would have avoided it like the plague.  What if the commotion in the daydream WAS down to a gunman?  Going back could have seen me get killed!  So no - I thought nothing of the daydream at the time, and it was only the fact that a common quake happened a couple days later (in an event that differed markedly from the daydream) that made me - in hindsight - decide there was anything remarkable about my musings at all.

I realised I had to honestly consider whether I would have taken the vision as foretelling any other episode.  Given the lack of information in the vision itself, if I had experienced gun crime in the diner at any point I would have had as good cause to match that episode to the vision.  That said, California has almost twice the level of gun crime as any other state in the US, so there would have been nothing particularly suprising had that been the case either.

...tell me what the incident would have meant to you if it had happened to you.

So what did the incident mean to me?  Very little, truth be told.  A daydream that shared a couple of similarities with later events (which happens quite a lot), but for which the number of differences means I could not regard it in any way prophetic.  What it DID do was give me a very cool story to tell, which (as is often the case with stories told to others) I would probably polish and embellish over time.  It would be "my earthquake story", and possibly in time I might even come to believe it a little myself....but when I look back carefully on it, I can see that there was nothing really inexplicable about the experience at all.
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