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So yhwh has hidden his himself from us.  How can we be blamed for not believing?  It might help you to know that I was once xian.  I spent several years trying to find yhwh.  He apparently did not want me to find him.  Either that, or he just does not exist.  The latter made more sense to me.
For good or for bad, I hope you can forgive me that I cannot, and likely shall never have the option of concluding that He doesn't exist, no matter what should happen to me.  I think that is why I was sent here to talk to you all.

If that is REALLY what you believe, then you need to stop your general preaching and actually ENGAGE.  Because at the moment, you are not presenting any case for your god.

What you ARE doing is presenting the same sad old image of a Christian that we have seen time and time again.  I've lost count of the Christians who come here, all sure they have been given the word by their god to come convert us, all sure of their own reasonings.  And yet.....all they can do is slip and slide, and dodge, and spout scripture.  And eventually, they all leave, shaking their heads about how blind we must be not to see the glory of their god, never understanding that with their evasions and truth-shading and refusal to engage, all they have done is reinforce our view that their god does not exist, and that they have no answers that are not smoke and mirrors.

If you truly, honestly believe you were sent here to bring us to god, you need to change your approach.  Because the evasions and shifting goalposts simply aren't going to work.
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