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..... this is what God had to do to make it all happen.  He knew exactly to the second when the EQ was going to occur.  He gave me a two day advance notice, without telling me it was going to be an earthquake.  He lead me back to the same chair, which was open and waiting for me at a crowded counter and placed next to me a stranger lady that just happened to be a telephone prayer councellor from a local 700 club location (california is along way from Virginia Beach).  I overheard her talking about Robertson and butted into the conversation.  The timing of my words were so precise that we both went giddy in the midst of a potential disaster. Every element of my vision was represented at that moment.  What a coincidence,  er sorry, there I go again using the wrong term. 
What was it about that statistics class again?  What was it about laughing?

Hilarious, Wayne.  Three people died in that earthquake.  A regular laugh riot.  Your god knew it was a comin', and sent you a premonition that you didn't recognise until after the event, so that you could go "wee-hoo!  Ain't I special!".

Three people died in that earthquake.  Should I be laughing?

If everything in your paragraph above is true, Wayne, then you have told a story of a god who has all the means and opporttunity necessary to save those people.....and didn't.  It used its colossal power and knowledge to give you a funky little story to tell to make people go "ooooh". 

Three people died in that earthquake.  Should I be impressed?

A waitress screamed and ran outside, commotion ensued but the lady and I just laughed

Keep laughing, Wayne, while you think about how you and yur god between you could have saved those three lives - but didn't.
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