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.....you talk about your family, you refer to someone sounding like "one of my ex-wives", and also refer to your current wife, which would make this at least your third marriage. Plus, your daughter appears to have spent considerable time as some sort of addict, and estranged from you (though I am very glad to hear she is clean now).

Does it seem odd to you that god would go to such lengths to protect your little girl from seeing a film containing content that you found questionable, but later did nothing to prevent her from becoming an alcoholic? I would guess you said more than a few prayers for help when she started down the road to substance abuse.

It's all becoming clearer.  Wayne, you've had a shitty life.  A couple failed marriages, a daughter who turned to drugs.....I'm not in the least surprised you want to cling on so hard to your idea of a "loving god".  Lose that, and what have you got left?  At least your god will always love you, and never let you down.      I'd find it hard to look objectively at things if I had that same emotional need for my beliefs to be true.
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