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I think you misunderstand what I mean by Factor X.  I'm talking about a factor that is present from before we start the science until after we're done it, and is there when we restart it the next time.  I'm not talking about a confounding variable; I'm talking about the reality in which the experiment was conducted.

If one of the NPCs in Skyrim suddenly gained rational thought and started doing science, but wasn't aware he was in a video game, how could he possibly weed out that Factor X?  After 1000 experiments proving that magic exists and 1000 experiments failing to show electricity is possible, at what point would he discover that his science is only describing someone else's simulation and have no bearing on objective reality?  How does one possibly weed out that Factor X?

What an interesting point.  I presume the parallel is that we are in a similar "bubble" of reality that we cannot break out of or establish the truth or otherwise of the potential creator that exists outside?

Our Skyrim NPC could establish a multitude of what he called "facts" about his world, and may well conjecture about what kind of being created the "real" world that he lives in....but how close at all could he get to establishing what the "true god" was like?  Given that we know that his reality is a construct inside ours, we can laugh and be sure that any "god" he arrives at, whether by logic or belief, is going to be vastly and significantly wrong.

So if the Skyrim/Mooby&Anfauglir parallel holds, then you have no way of determining if we too live in a 2nd or 3rd or 8th level bubble, or if the "god" you have arrived at is really the omnipotent prime you describe it as being, or merely a bespectacled Vl'Hurg sitting in his mother's attic jerking off while he downloads the latest update for MoobyworldTM.  By introducing this parallel, it appears that you are saying "we can't test for god in any way, so I go with what feels right to me, since the Truth is impossible to determine" - would that be correct?
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