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.....I was very much doubting at the time and I said something along the lines of what if there isn't any real substantial good or joy for us in life or what if God doesn't really exist. Right as I said that last word as the last waves came out from me, I saw in the night sky the biggest and longest lasting shooting star I have ever seen flashed across for at least 2 or 3 seconds it was just one of the most amazing things I've seen in the beauty of nature. ....

Some serious questions.

1) Are you suggested that - to counter your wavering - god materialised a meteor and caused it to flash down through the atmosphere?  That he engineered a significant change in the nature of reality purely to assist your faith?  If so, see question 1A.

1A) How would you comment on those people here who were also once believers, but who (despite fervert prayer) never got the sign you were given?  Further, you realise that you have just asserted the existence of a being who will make dramatic changes to reality for the sake of some kid's wavering faith.  Given that you assert a directly interventionist god, why famine?  Why child abuse?  Why anything that god isn't keen on?  You don't even have to have him jumping in and taking physical action - if he is so keen on directly observable signs, why not just have something similar when one does something bad?

2) Was the meteor visible to anyone else on the planet?  What if (say) a Muslim was questioning the existence of Allah at just that point?  They saw YOUR meteor, and assumed it was a specific sign from them, so YOUR wavering has led to someone else moving further away from the one true faith.

2a) Why would your god value your faith over that of others?  Why would a god that - allegedly - wants a  relationship with everyone do something so misinterpretable as being the actions of a different god?
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