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I asked you and you didn't answer Nam. What types of torture have you endured to date? What types of preparation do you have under your belt to prepare yourself for eternal torture? Navy SEAL? Army commando? Delta force graduate? Green Beret perhaps? .....So enlighten us dear - what training do you have under your belt for eternal torture?

Like I said - none.  That was my point.  I CAN'T conceive what the pain would be like, and so therefore it is quite possible for me to say "bring it on".  Can't be that bad, right?  That's the point you didn't actually answer, just said "ha ha, you'd break" - which WAN'T my point at all.

You then said "hey, let me torture you and show you....", which AGAIN wasn't the point.  You could be right - that once I've EXPERIENCED torture, I'd do anything to stop it happening again.  But I haven't.  So its easy for me to say I could do it, because I have no frame of reference.

Navy Seals, Commandos, SAS, Special Ops......victims of torture, people who have experienced it - yes, I think they WOULD say "worship", precisely because they know what is coming.

I don't.   So I have that lack of knowledge that means I could take the choice.

It could also make you torture your loved ones in Hell if they go there. How would you like to administer torture to your children or wife or loved pet in Hell? Would you like to drill holes in your wife's brain with a hammer drill? How about making your child drink sulfuric acid? I'm sorry for the graphic language but I have to get my point across - you have no idea what you are talking about if you choose torture from a deity. Who knows how else it could make you suffer? Don't think you are smarter than this deity you are confronting here. I realize this, as you should.

Of course, if you change the rules, then that's a different story.  You've moved away from the physical pain you've been banging on about with Spec Ops training.  This is a different question completely, and if THAT were the choice I'd cave straight away.

What I'm most interested here is why you're pushing this so hard, and alienating and annoying so many people with the condescending statements that you know us better than we know ourselves.  Does Nam annoy you so much that you'll do and say anything to anyone so long as you can ultimately show him up?  It seems so, but I have no idea why.
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