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Let's see how the story changes when examined.

one night a guy was drunk. 

This particular night the young man was drunk

how drunk?
  when we arrived it was reported he only had a few beers/ 3/4 4 hours before. 

You've gone from the man being D.R.U.N.K. when it suits you - but when its pointed out that someone drunk could easily hallucinate, all of us sudden its just "a few beers some time ago", so that you can claim that alchol was definitely NOT a factor.

If you can't keep your story straight, and you feel the need to embellish to get our attention, why on earth should we believe things happened the way you said?

Another point:

one night a guy ........Three hours later he had peace.

I find THIS the most interesting of all.  Its "one night" - so let's say after 8pm, likely later.  A guy in the house suddenly goes into one, going absolutely manic, to the extent he has to be forcibly restrained.

Do the others in the house call the cops?  The paramedics?  No......they call the local pastor.

Which is NOT the first reaction of your average Schmoe.  Its the first reaction of a group of people who already have a really strong belief in god and demons and other assorted woo, otherwise the first call would be to the emergency services.

And also, guys and gals, these guys were able - late at night - to get in touch with "the exorcist team" who arrived and dealt with everything in just a couple hours!  How lucky the pastor was in!  Indeed, how lucky that they had the right number already available......

You don't put an exorcists number on speed-dial on the off-chance.  You only do that if you already buy-in the to whole load of woo.  So this wasn't a random house, this was a house known for being "spooky", inhabited by a group who already really believed in demons and woo, to the extent that their first action was to call the local woo-doctor whose number they had to hand....perhaps because they were regulars in his church of woo.

Demons?  Don't make me laugh.  Mass hysteria and a suggestable bunch of folk already pre-programmed to accept a particular "explanation".
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