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.....I think what I said was "So why don't we see this happening in real life?".....

Oh my.  That's exactly what you said!  You expect God to do what He says He will do.  And prayer was an example of yours.  The Bible says "whatever you ask in my name, I will give it unto you"......

Oh my - did everyone else miss this?

You expect God to do what He says He will do

Yes Rock, I do.  Regardless of any other question or point that has been raised about evolution or anything else, if I were to consider your god as being deserving of love or worship (let alone existing), then the very first step would be that he does what he says he will do.

Because if - as seems to be the case here - you are calling Alz foolish for expecting god does what he says he will do.....then what argument IS there for your god?  Are you honestly saying "love and worship my god, because he lies and can't be trusted?"
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