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God will be merciful if you have faith if not He land upon your head all the miseries there is

Now go back and read my first post.  You'd be hard-pushed to find a family with more faith than mine.  My sister had loads, my father had loads, my mother had loads.  And despite that, on their heads were landed all the miseries there could be.

I can see why you would want to believe that they weren't good enough Christians.  How you would want to claim that their faith simply wasn't good enough.

But what - I have to say - amuses me the most about the good and loving Christian you are, is that you felt okay to pop in at a stressful time of my life, and intimate that - somehow - its all my fault.  That because I am an unbeliever, somehow all the misery heaped on my family is god teaching me a lesson.  I wonder.....on that basis, is my dad in heaven looking down at me, and at mum, and complimenting god on his benevolence?

Well, anyway.....thanks for the compassion - I'm sure Jesus is pleased with what you've said here.

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For the people who truly care, the updates.  Funeral went off as well as these things can do on Monday.  Mum was basically in and out - when she was in the moment, she was devastated, other times she wasn't quite sure who we were there for.  I'm torn as to whether its a good or a bad thing - good because a lot of the time she doesn't "get it".  Bad because I can see it comes upon her as a fresh realisation over and over again.

One bit of good news though - on speaking to their lawyer, he told me that a few years back they both set up Powers of Attorney for me, so I don't have to go through all the form-filling and red tape that would be required if I tried to set one up from scratch now. 
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