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Atheists are hypocrites.
You can use all of the "rules of reason" or whatever you guys use in your chat rooms or whatever.  Here is the bottom line:
NOBODY on this earth has seen God.

First of all, I challenge anyone to dispute me on that!

Secondly, Christians believe that there IS a God.

Are you with me so far? I can type slower if you do not understand.

Thirdly, Atheists do NOT believe in God.  Oh, I know some will say it's not that they don't believe or not believe, but a God has not been proven.

It is hypocritical to say they a person is wrong because they believe in God but cannot prove it, and say that there is no God because they cannot prove it.

Once again, I know you are going to apply your law of "reason"... but you are only stroking yourself.  You may buy the argument- and more power to you.

Same with evolution. There is NO PROOF humans came from fish or some ape looking thing.  NO PROOF. Do you hear me? There is no proof that man evolved from ANYTHING. NO PROOF.  There is MORE proof that Jesus resurrected from the dead than there is for evolution.

Atheists think they have it figured out, but offer NO PROOF!
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