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By the way, how do you know what perfection is if God does not exist? There is obviously an objective standard of perfection (God) that we use when examining whether or not something is perfect.
How would you describe a perfect umbrella? i.e one that is perfect for you.
Would your description be the same as my description? That's very unlikely.

What about an absolutely perfect umbrella one that is perfect for everybody? Could you describe it? Could I?

You might say that although we don't know the criteria to make an absolutely perfect umbrella we would both recognise it as perfect from our own perspective if we ever encountered one.

If something is absolutely perfect it must be perfect from every point of view.

The perfect god that you seem to be describing in all your posts does not seem to be perfect to me. My description of a perfect god is entirely different to yours. So an absolutely perfect god might still to be possible but it certainly is not yours because yours fails the universality test
i.e. it is not perfect to me.
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