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I wanted to know your opinion on why everything else in all cultures is dismissed by theists as myth,,, and everything in the Bible that can't possibly be true is metaphor,but not myth

I can't speak for other theists. 

There was a time in my life when I was quite willing to dismiss other religions as false and believe Christianity was the ONLY true religion.  Over time, mainly by leading a Sunday School class that was interested in comparative religions, I came to realize all religious beliefs are valid for their believers.  Who am I to judge one religion is superior to another? 

Regarding the second idea that theists tend to see things in the Bible as metaphor and not myth, which definition of myth are you applying? 

As always,

OldChurchGuy, you are what the Apostle Paul would call a "wolf in sheep's clothing."  You will lead many to eternal destruction.
Oooh Gz,

           What a horrible thing to say.

You know, there are non-calvinistic views of christianity, non judgemental views.  A cafeteria view of christinity where you only take love - nothing else - and you pile it on your plate, you receive so much of it, you are surrounded by it,  and you hand it out over and over  - and it becomes the strongest thing in the world, and yes the most dangerous, because of where you are willing to go, and what you are willing to do.  It doesn't involve a god, or a jesus, or a religion - it involves respect for and caring about the other person, no matter how you feel you have been treated.

This individual view of Christianity that you have selected as your close-minded truth is what hurts the world.

The only view of Christianity that I am interested in, and that I hope to profess, is the one that comes from the Bible itself, not one based on any man's opinions or preferences.

Is it correct to conclude you understand the Bible to be the divinely inspired interrant Word of God to be taken literally unless the wording in a given passage uses simile's such as "like" or "as"? 


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