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A two-year old would not know what you mean by "die" "good" or "evil."  Adam and Eve were the equivalent of 2-year olds at that point.  Well, actually, to be more accurate, they were more like dogs.  Animals do not have the knowledge of good or evil (they are incapable of being either--they are amoral) and most don't (as far as we know) have a sense of mortality.  So Adam and Eve were truly incapable of understanding what the heck God was talking about.

Plus, only Adam was given those instructions.  You notice, Eve wasn't around at that point.  God never told HER to not eat from the tree.  Presumably Adam told her?  Well, you know how THAT must have gone over.  Why the heck would or should Eve listen to him? 

So the biblical God was teaching morality lessons to beings that were amoral at the time.  Like teaching a cat to feel bad about eating a mouse or scratching a child.  A lesson that simply would not compute.

I actually think the Eden story is a quite interesting parable/folktale to explain the difference between human beings and animals when it comes to moral beliefs/knowledge but it IS just a folk tale after all...

According to the account in Genesis, Adam had enough intelligence to name all of the animals and realize that bestiality was not an option.  He also knew how to tend to and work in the garden before Eve was created.  Then, when God did form her, he had enough intelligence to know that she was made for him and his expression was "Whoa Man!!!" and you know the rest of the story.

But if you only think it is a folk talk, then we really don't have a lot more territory to cover. 

How about you explain your beliefs of how human beings came into existence and then let's talk about folk tales.

I know the word "myth" is thrown around quite freely today and is implied to mean false story.  But I like the original meaning which meant a story to explain the unexplainable. 

I am curious if Genesis should be interpreted literally.  If so, why? 

Ever curious,

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