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^ Ok, here's a list of works by the same R.W. Bernard. He was a Theosophist, which explains his unusual views of Jesus being a teacher in India and Christianity ultimately arising from Buddhism. The Theosophists claimed to find the origins of Christianity in ancient lost scriptures they discovered in Tibet and India.  For example:


A Startling Historical Discovery Based on Ancient Records Rescued from the Alexandrian Library Prior to Its Having Been Set on Fire by the Roman Churchmen, Concerning the Unknown World Teacher of the First Century, Leader and Teacher of the Essenes, Who First Introduced Among them the Gospel of Chrishna, Hindu Savior of 3000 B.C., which he Translated from the Sanskrit into the Aramaic as the Original Gospel (Diegesis) which, three centuries later, was elaborated into the four Christian Gospels by Roman Churchmen at the Council of Nicea, held in the year 325 A. D.

Bernard was also interested in theories of Atlantis, flying saucers, and was most known for his "Hollow Earth" beliefs. He reportedly died in South America while looking for the secret tunnels into the Earth's interior.

Let's be polite and call his ideas "highly esoteric."

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