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Yes this does happen.  However these do still have a grain of truth.  Where is the generation of children that called everyone sir and ma'am?  Each generation seems to push their limits a little bit further. 

Where is the generation of men that could own slaves?  Where is the generation where we could freely call black people "niggers"?  Where is the generation where men could slap their wives into submission?

Every time periods have their positive and negative aspects.  To suggust that one such period could be called a "golden age" is to ignore the negative aspects.  Likewise, to suggest we're living in a "not-golden age" is to ignore the postive.

Ancient Greek mythology held that humanity was immortal during the Golden Age. When Prometheus gave the gift of fire to mankind, helping them live through times of cold weather, the gods were angered. They gave Pandora a box and told her not to open it, knowing full well that her curiosity would get the better of her. When she opened the box, she released evil (death, sorrow, plague) into the world due to her curiosity.


Pandora's box could be compared to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

That's an interesting story, but I see no reason why I should take it seriously.  This story states that one point, humans were immortal.  Why should I ever think that was once the case?  What's the evidence of that?  Likewise, all those gods... what's the evidence that they ever existed, let alone interacted with humans?  The story also implies that at one point, there was no such thing as "death" "sorrow" and "plague".  Again, evidence?  We know very well that those things existed millions of years before humans were around (unless you want to suggust that the dinosaurs never died out).

This story is just the product of someone imagination.  It's a fanciful way of "explaining" why there is suffering in the world.

Being so familiar with floods, something out of the ordinary would have to occured for them to have stories of a fantastic flood.

I don't see how.  People tell stories all the time.  People LOVE stories.  People also build up and elaborate on things.  I see no reason why some people couldn't have just tried to tell "the flood story to end all flood stories".

This is another of those things that it depends on who you ask.  Some say there is none.  Others say the entire universe is physical evidence.  And neither side can absolutely rule the other out, and barring some obviously divine intervention I don't think they ever can.  Even scientists are left with deciding which one that think is most likely true.

Well, if no good evidence exists for your god, then why presuppose his existence?  Seems like I might as well presuppose the greek gods.  At least there were a bunch of them, and they had cool names.  (With biblegod, it's either Yahweh or Jealous.  Not very exciting.)
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