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I have to wonder if this guy is angry at god, and is projecting that anger on us.

I think on some level, he knows that the site has a vaild point; god does not heal amputees, and god will never heal any amputees, ever.  This means that those evil awful atheists will continue to be smug snakes for the rest of their lives, without any kind of comeuppance (at least until we all burn in hell).  He's angry at his God for doing nothing, meaning those evil awful atheists will continue to be "correct" about something he doesn't like to hear.  But of course, it's wrong for him to be angry at his own god; you're suppose to love and fear him[1].  The solution is to project that anger onto the people that you're against.

Angry man needs to settle his issues with god before taking things up with us...
 1. I'm not sure how that works, but whatever
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