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Lets put it this way. Even atheist become connected to something unreal.
For example, You are reading some fictional Novel or go to theatre or you are watching some Sci-Fi movie like Avatar or something. In the two hours of the movie you are so engrossed that your mind becomes connected with the fictitious characters and even show emotions of sadness, happiness, love, anger, fear, shed some tears for these characters and many other feelings. Even though its unreal, you still imagine it to be real.
Even after the movie –on many occasions the emotional feelings stay with you for a while as if real. They sometimes inspire you to good or bad (depending on your nature).

When we read about God or hear about God, we become connected with him. The only difference is that our connection is longer lasting.
This lasting connection makes us believe he is real.

Off course you would argue as one person did earlier that ‘what if I become connected with Harry Potter’ does that mean Harry Potter is real?
Off course he is real to you due to your lack of spiritual advancement.

This is why so many different gods and religions exist. Everyone is a different stage of spiritual progress.

I find it VERY curious that you choose to use work of fiction as an analogy for your god.  It seems to me that your exact words here could be used as an argument against god.  Your emotional connection to your god is simply the same process that occurs whenever we get emotionally connected to a work of fiction.  The only difference being whenever we recongize said work as fiction or not.  The only thing you've listed as a difference is "longer lasting" connection.  How long is "longer lasting"?  I had a long lasting connection to Transformers ever since my early childhood (I know I watched episodes of it when I was 3 or 4).  I understood Optimus Prime before I understood god.  I guess then, Optimus Prime is more real than god. (face it, he's a better role model)

Oh, and you also mentioned something about "spiritual advancement" and "spiritual progress".  But you didn't explain what those mean, how they can be recognized, their characteristics, and how they can be measured.  I really don't know how to reply to a comment when it's so vaguely defined.  "Spiritual" is one of those religious buzz words that is meant to sound profound, but means and explains so very little. (this is your opportunity to prove me wrong by explaining the word and how it can be measured)
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