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I'd like to offer you a challenge,
I bet you can't edit your remarks in such a way as to eliminate invectives , insults, and profanity.  You need me to be a coward do you?  Is that kind of abuse necessary for you to defend your position?

I do appreciate you taking the time to read and comment, but I'll not respond to your flaming aggression.  That's sick puppy material right there.

You sure got huffy in a hurry.

Try this one out, it's one more of my considerable list of stories. 


Alright, I'll look at it.

Dana had stickers on her truck and one said ‘SMUT PEDDLERS’. Whatever that is I don't want to know,

"Smutt Peddlers" refers to a punk band from California.  With song titles like "Fuck you, that's why" and "Let's get fucked up", they're probably not to your taste. (understatment of the day)

That, or it's refering to people that distributes pornographic materials.

I said let's look online and see the transaction on my Credit card website. There it was, all of
one dollar. Her eyes were watery, and she was confused, as was I for it certainly was the correct
transaction. In the meantime Pat in the background could be heard editorializing on the ridiculousness
of my buying the gas in the first place. (I'm down playing my wife's comments again), to which I was able
to reply calling down the hallway: "Dana's paying me back and it is only a dollar!".

Bang bam boom.

We're both stunned but she more than I, as this is how profound God's leading has been for me.

I explained to Dana that even if we see the transaction come up later that I still call it and answer from
God as a reward to her for honoring her father in love.

I'm trying to see if I understand this correctly.  Your credit card statement was a grand total of $1, and it was a sign from god?

Your god is pathetically unimpressive if that's the case.  one dollar; big whoop.

As Dana was getting ready for her first return to Church, she again came into my office and wanted to
know if the charge had ever made it to the card, still insisting she repay. I said: "Let's take a look". We
went back to the card’s website only to find that he dollar charge had disappeared completely, and to
add to it, the tank of gas I bought 50 miles away by the Ford dealership north of LA was not on it either.
The act of driving all the way to Galpin Motors was my act of spiritual obedience and honor of the
Heavenly Father. My daughter’s conceding to my request to clean up her truck was her act of
obedience and honor of her father. The reward for each of us was a free tank of gas from two different
gas brands, 50 miles apart. Most significant is the way the Lord brought the reality of the free gas to my


In Africa, as much as 2,500 children die everyday due to lack of clean water.  But you know what?  Fuck 'em!  Your free gas is much more important than those skinny bag of bones.  Am I right?  (*cough*)
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