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Do you really think that if God existed, he would be willing and wanting to attend to every single individual person he created and gave life, and come personally answer every doubt and question we have to convince us that he's there?

Seriously?  You're asking this?  You've already claimed to be in a relationship with god.  You've already claimed that god receives prayers and answers them.  You've already claimed that god does personally gives you answers to your prayers.  Now you're saying that we shouldn't expect answers from god?  Make up your mind!  Beside which, if the idea of god as "all-loving and all-powerful" is to be believed, then YES, I would expect god to be willing and wanting to attend to every single individual person.  To do otherwise would mean he is either:

1) Not all-loving

2) Not all-powerful


3) Non-existence

Whichever the case, it would mean that so many christians have it wrong about their viewpoints on god.  It seems to me that before you try to straighten out the godless, christians should straighten out their ideas about god.  Really, how do you expect to win us over if you can't agree among yourself about god?

Ok so here again your are giving details about the bible not any obstruction to its main them and meaning, when it's not perfect word for word,

This is just sidesteping the whole "lack of corroborating evidence" thing.

I think it is more difficult to answer how bible writers knew things like mountain ranges being at the bottom of the ocean? How did they know that there were large streams of currents through the ocean and also in the air? Things that weren't discovered untill far later?

I would need to know which sets of verses you're refering to before commenting on this.

And also just to make sure this is correct, you believe that the universe is here because of time plus matter plus chance?

You're asking me a strawman's version of the origin of the universe.  Nobody, except those trying to invoke god, say "chance didit".
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