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I made no such claim.  I have no idea if God has actually healed amputees at all at some point in the last 2000 years.  Maybe  God did.. "so why won't god heal amputees" is not a statement of fact.

You're the one that brought up the ear story as an example of god healing an amputee.

By the way, I'm still waiting for a real-life example of god healing an amputee.

So wait. You believe in luck? Do you have evidence for luck? But you scoff at other people who believe their prayers answered as nothing more than ridiculous nonsense.

I never said I believed in luck.  At least, not in the sense of "good things happens to me. Therefore; magic".  Sometimes, good things happens for you, and sometimes, bad things happens for you.  If you're going to claim that god caused good things to happen for you, then you need to demostrate how this can be determined.

So now no doctors pray? Can you verify this? Why is the doctor praying if he doesn't believe or think it will help?

I never claimed that no doctors prays.  But I did suggust that prayer has nothing to do with succuse of surgery.  Prayer is nothing more than a form of magical thinking.

No sir. I don't need to demonstrate anything here. If a doctor believes god is helping him in some way then that's all that matters.

Which would you rather have; a doctor that spent years and years in medical school, but spents no time whatsoever praying, or a doctor that never went to medical schools, but spents a lot of time praying?

God doesn't need to heal amputees  if he heals their limb from being amputated in the first place.  Seems like a simpler solution.  Why restore the leg after the fact?

Then you'd be asking.  "Why doesn't god just heal the leg? Why bother waiting till after its amputated? Wouldn't it be easier? So obviously god is not infallible cause he hesitates about healing limbs" Either way you would have a issue.

So you do agree that god can't be bothered to heal an amputee.

For someone that claims to be all-loving, he sure can be cold to some people.
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