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Why would God saving children be grim?  Because I don't think God will just give those children food and ascend back into the clouds,  I believe there would be consequences to the rest of us for letting it happen.  Dark, grim consequences.

God doing stuff = A Bad Thing?  That's some bizzaro logic you have there.

I guess then, bible times were grimdark for no other reasons than god was doing stuff.  Bible times were not nasty because of slavery, mass-murder, false worship, mass poverty, or any other conventional reasons.  No, it was because *dramatic drum beat* god was doing stuff!

See God loves us all. 

In the context of god doing stuff = bad, one would think the best thing to do is to distance yourself from god.

Even the people that are to blame for poverty, so this must be an agonizing decision God makes everyday.

Do you believe god is an omni-max being or not?  If so, how can anything god say or do be "agonizing"?  To agonize over something implies uncertainty, confusion.  An omnimax being would not suffer from those things.

I believe in God because I can not wrap my mind around the evolution theory.  How all this could come to existence without any form of intelligence is uncomprehending to me.

"I don't understand science, therefore, I'll go with magic"

...so I was forced to find my own way to God, which I'm so glad I did or else I would be in the same boat with the rest of the brainwashed sheep following false doctrine.

*insert shiny mirror here*

Where do you think our conscience comes from.  It is the spirit of God and the temptations of greed and violence.  What makes a person chose the good instead of the bad? Because the spirit of the person knows if they chose the bad their spirit will suffer more than their flesh.

Silly me.  All this time, I had this idea that some people are nice and care about others.  Seriously; there's no need to invoke magic here.

See I won't worship a God or anything else that claims to torture good people the same as murderers and child molesters.

Your god DOES torture good people.  Read the book of Job for more details.  There, god made a deal with the devil to torture Job --a good man-- for no reasons other than the fun of it.
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