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Possibly they focus more on the resurrection, which is your symbolic rebirth.

In my days a Christian (Catholic) it was definitely ALL about the suffering - the guilt trip ruled! 
It was we sinners who did this to Jesus. It was the cumulative burden of all sin that caused this - nobody could escape blame. 
The Jews took more of the blame of course because they actually got all this done to their own Messiah  :o  and we enlightened Christians would/should never make the same mistake as the Jews :angel:  (Involving the Jews as the real villains was perfect because if the guilt of causing the suffering of Jesus was too much to bear - like you'd prefer to accept your own punishment or kill yourself instead of Jesus, you could mentally shift just enough blame onto the Jews to make it palatable to be vicariously saved. )

Think about the "Stations of the Cross" where they dwell and reflect on the gory details of every torturous stage of the crucifixion.  It's designed to make you feel as shitty as possible about being implicated through sin.  Think about the Mel Gibson movie or the Philippine re-enactments.   

Everything is to showcase the suffering - the more horrid the better - that's what makes believers emotional and incapable of being rational about Jesus.  That raw emotion - empathy and guilt - is the engine room of the Christian meme.

The bit about the resurrection was more of a pressure release - the fucking ordeal was finally behind us and there was hope, and we could break the Easter fast.  All that flying around like Superman, scaring people, fish finding, pwning Thomas, etc was just a final bit of icing-on-top proof that this guy really was divine and fulfilled prophecies.
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