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... which does not contextualize Biblical literature within history, philosophy, science, and anthropology as the Catholic church does.

Ummm ... why does the bible need to be contextualised within history? 
Did God change along the way? 
Did God plan His communication strategy so that only highly educated "Catholic historians" can get the message right?

From my own experience in the Catholic Church, including being educated by the Christian Brothers, I can say that almost NOBODY actually reads the full Bible (including the OT).  They rely almost entirely on the prescribed readings cherry picked by the Catholic hierarchy to control what the flock hears and thinks about.  When I did get around to reading the whole Bible I was stunned, no ... gobsmacked :o , at how much content the Catholic Church had quietly suppressed.

As for contextualising within science ... what a joke!?  &)  Last time I was in a Catholic Church I heard: "Let us pray that scientists looking for cures to diseases such as cancer and AIDS are blessed with patience and knowledge."  What an insult!? ... that their Git of a God would withhold such information for millennia and then suddenly "bless" the toiling scientists by revealing titbits of critical knowledge in response to prayers?   :-

The Catholic Church, historically a staunch resistor of scientific progress, is rapidly being dragged to confront its own dishonesty and irrelevance.  Where are the apologies from the Catholic Church for getting it so wrong on:
  • geocentrism?
  • cause of lightning?
  • missionaries spreading deadly diseases to indigenous peoples around the globe?
  • evolution?
  • innate homosexuality?
  • condoms and AIDS?

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