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A long time ago - 1986 to be precise - I worked in a Planning Department and we shared a single PC in our offices to do spreadsheets for modelling and forecasting.  In DOS I wrote a .bat file that asked the user: "Do you want to delete all files?" For the inevitable answer "No" I wrote: "Deleting anyway!"

One of my co-workers, who was sacrificing his own lunchtimes to learn about these newfangled PC thingies, sauntered over to the PC at the start of lunch and flicked the "On" switch.  I was sitting quietly in the adjacent office waiting to see what happened.  About 60 seconds passed (boot up was so slow in those days) when suddenly the office chair (on wheels) crashed violently into my office wall, I heard the solid "clunk" of the PC's switch being shunted to "Off"!!!!  About half a minute later my co-worker emerged from the office, outwardly calm, hands in pockets, but walking awkwardly as if being watched as he sauntered towards the exit  :angel:

To this day I've never let him know what actually happened ;)
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