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Maybe it's a fear embedded in me from childhood brainwashing, IDK.  If it was nothing but BS I would think the people of the time would not have bought the story at all and Christianity would not be the most popular religion in the world. 
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Junebug72, I think you actually do know the truth of how religion gets knitted into a population, multiplies and persists through generations  ;) 

To be successful a scam needs to have elements that people find attractive - to suck them in - and even better if they want others (including their children) to believe as well. 

The Christian meme is highly evolved - parts that didn't work so well were jettisoned or changed throughout the history of the faith - the story has acquired powerful mechanisms of guilt and fear that trap children early in a way they find difficult to shed beliefs as adults even in the face of their realisation they've been conned by words in a silly old book.

If the bible hadn't been locked down in the canon it would have morphed much more by now - probably it would absorb some scientific knowledge for credibility and be cleansed of some contradictions.  But even though it's locked down it's constantly being re-translated and re-interpreted by different sects who don't like what they see in earlier versions.

Religion is a sophisticated scam that benefits clergy on this earth during their lifetimes .... think about that  :police:

There is nothing in the bible that is good or moral that wouldn't be good or moral without the bible.  But there is plenty that is rotten and bad only because of the bible - basically the same for other ancient text-based religions.
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