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Quote from: William
This is unnatural.  Human children start their lives completely and utterly dependent on their parents for survival.  Both the child's and the parent's love is a necessity and is completely central to their existence.

And so it is for God ..... ...  Because I love God and he is good.

In that case please explain how it was "good" for Isaac:

... and Jephthah's daughter, given two months to "bewail her virginity" and contemplate her sacrifice to God:

This is God, apparently capable of resurrection, who sent His only Son to crucifixion, instead of fronting up himself.

This is a God who commanded us all not to kill, but in the next breath commanded his chosen people to kill His enemies.

This is a God who provides instructions for slavery, but does not condemn it.

This is a God who does nothing to stop the Tsunami's and earth quakes, not even to issue a warning.

This is a God who only made woman as an after-thought, and only when asked.

This is a God who doesn't do anything to fix his communication for people born in the wrong parts of the planet, or in the wrong times, or educated in philosophy and scepticism.

This is a God who could save countless lives and suffering of people afflicted by dread diseases - but sits by idly watching scientists struggle to figure out the cures.

This is God who sends a saviour to the wrong people, precisely BECAUSE He needed them to kill the saviour.  But did nothing to fix the expectations of his chosen people through one of His favourite communication mechanisms - the prophets.

This is a God who could resolve anything at all, but presides over an obtuse system that will see large numbers of His 'children' denied eternal happiness by His side. Especially those who think for themselves.
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