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An argument based on an assumption is unsound unless you can prove the assumption is true. However, he isn’t even making an argument. Read his wall of text again. It consists of nothing more than his irrational beliefs, his lack of proof and unsubstantiated claims stated as facts.

I tend to agree  :)   If the topic here was "Let's pretend for a moment that God exists ...." we could entertain a thought experiment about "eternal consciousness" and maybe make some progress.  But in this case we really are in danger of facilitating the construction of a delusion before our very eyes. The title of the topic is: "I know God exists ..."  So the klaxon is already sounding.

We've probably all seen this movie before i.e. where we get the theist to articulate their construct of God, which, when they aren't parroting dogma of a well-worn sect, they have no choice but to actually make stuff up for us as they go along.  Having posted their thoughts in lights  :police: they become committed - so when challenged they must dig in and try to justify. It's not pretty and not productive.  Although it is entertaining I have to say :laugh:

But I think the OP has clearly rejected traditional religion - so instead of helping him make up a new one we should encourage him to go all the way.
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